Double Standards in the Application of the ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior – Part 4

In this series, I examine past behavior at ICANN, contrasting it with the Expected Standards of Behavior (ESOB), and ask you to decide for yourself whether it has been applied equally to everyone, or instead is applied selectively to achieve different results when different people are involved.

Gregory S. Shatan is an attorney at Moses & Singer LLP. He claims
that that the ESOB are “bedrock principles of ICANN participation” and
does his “best to abide by them”.

On August 31, 2017, within the Adobe Connect chat, Mr. Shatan
introduced the “Jane, you ignorant slut” meme into the conversation:

Greg Shatan:Jane, you ignorant….
George Kirikos:Don’t put words into my mouth.
J. Scott Evans:@george. You basically asked her to admit that all
your criticism is valid and that the study is useless. Ask new
questions, we have all seen you review and opinion.
Greg Shatan:What words were put in your mouth?
Cyntia King:I have had numerous conversatoins w/ large brand owners who’s data is spread across their organization & is difficult to obtain, nevermind share.
George Kirikos:Did I use the word “ignorant”?
Rebecca L Tushnet:Greg, leaving out “slut” doesn’t make that quote any less inappropriate. [emphasis added]

I was completely unfamiliar with that “Jane, you ignorant slut” meme
(it’s a little before my time), and had to research it later:

to learn its origin from Saturday Night Live. Is this consistent with
the level of decorum that ICANN General Counsel John Jeffrey claims
exists at ICANN? Or is it inappropriate, as Professor Tushnet stated?
Is this yet another example of a double standard? I leave it to you to
make up your own mind.