domain name acquired for USD $2 million

According to a Canadian securities filing, the domain name was acquired for USD $2 million.

The domain name was mentioned in a blog post by Elliot Silver, as Kevin O’Leary had commented on the company which now owns it. That company, Immutable Holdings, is listed on the NEO Stock Exchange in Canada. Elliot was able to learn that the domain name changed hands for “seven figures”, but was unable to nail down a precise figure.

It has sometimes been the case that previously unreported domain name transactions end up being disclosed in the EDGAR database in the USA, as I’ve discussed previously. Fortunately, Canada has a similar database for public companies called SEDAR. A quick search for “Immutable Holdings” allowed me to find their September 24, 2021 filing, which disclosed the following:

Mr. Fried contributed his 50% ownership, amounting to US$1,000,000, of the domain name, which was purchased on the open market for US$2,000,000. (page 60, emphasis added)

So, it’s clear that the domain name was purchased on the open market for USD $2 million, and that Mr. Fried had a 50% ownership stake of that domain name, prior to the transfer to Immutable Holdings. [According to the WHOIS history, that $2 million transaction took place in February 2021.]