Our Comments To ICANN Regarding The UDRP Policy Status Report

ICANN staff published a  Policy Status Report regarding the UDRP in early March 2022, which is open for public comments until this coming Tuesday (deadline is April 19, 2022 at 23:59 UTC, less than 24 hours from now).

As noted in Sunday’s blog post, ICANN staff lied to the public. The report should be rejected in its entirety. It is irrevocably flawed and should be withdrawn. ICANN staff have squandered the time and resources that were allocated for this project. It should be redone in its entirety with all the missing elements mentioned in our submission taken into account, perhaps divided amongst multiple independent research groups outside of ICANN. ICANN staff simply don’t have the research skills to do the job, given what we’ve seen to date.

For the benefit of those who have yet to submit their own comments, we have completed our own detailed comments (14 pages) a little bit early, which are also now visible on ICANN’s website. With pro-complainant voices like INTA having already made their submissions, it is important that the voices of domain name registrants be heard, to provide balance.