ICANN RPM PDP Co-chair Uses Double Standard To Shut Down URS Debate

People are beginning to realize there is something terribly wrong with the URS policy, as discussed in part 1 and part 2 of my recent series of articles titled “URS: A Failed Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy That ICANN Insiders Wish To Impose On More Registrants”.

One member of the working group attempted to broach the subject today on the mailing list, noting:

Here are 3 example URS determinations that seem very troubling from the public information available.

Rather than allow debate and analysis to continue, however, Kathy Kleiman, writing “as co-chair” (rather than in a personal capacity) wrote that:

At a certain point, you have to draw a line a line (sic) and move on.

However, this is completely opposite to how the URS Individual Proposals have been treated by the co-chairs of the working group. Rather than “drawing a line” and “moving on” after decisions were made in 2018 for inclusion of all individual proposals, they relitigated that entire issue.  They even violated the rules while doing so.

This demonstrates the “double standard”, that the co-chairs can go back and redo things when it suits their desires, but others are told they have to “move on” when trying to bring up legitimate topics.

The need to remove the co-chairs and replace them with an independent and neutral facilitator has never been greater.